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  • フェンシング競技の普及並びに指導
  • 区民大会及びその他の競技大会・練習会の開催
  • 競技力向上事業の実施ならびに調査研究
  • 港区におけるフェンシング界を代表して、財団法人港区体育協会、東京都フェンシング協会等に加盟する
  • その他、本会の目的を達成するために必要な事業
  • 東京都港区元麻布3-12-3 OHEビルB2F
Minato fencing association was established for the purpose of contributing to the mind and body healthy development of the Minato-ku residents. We aim to promote of fencing competition, as organizations representing oversees fencing competitions in Minato-ku.
Main activities,
  • Promote and lead of fencing competition.
  • Hold a fencing match.
  • Foster quality training and competitive opportunities and logistical support for fencers.
  • Join the Foundation Minato Athletic Association and Tokyo Fencing Association as oversees fencing competition in Minato-ku.
  • Other all activities required to achieve our objective.
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